A short new trailer for Capcom's upcoming multiplayer role-playing game, Deep Down, has surfaced.

The trailer features a brief cinematic that's supposed to serve as a sort of prologue for the game. The action is quick, with many extreme close-ups to accentuate the frenetic feel of the game.

We see the player character facing off against a dragon without getting many results. His attacks are being rebuffed over and over until he has to take a knee for respite.

Luckily, this is a multiplayer game, so a few of his buddies come out to assist him. There's a gold-clad knight with a shield who seems to serve as the party's tank, a knight who can cast magic and takes on the role of ranged DPS (damage per second) and then our hero, who acts as a melee damage dealer.

A mysterious voice at the end of the trailer says, "You must ensure the world knows of all that befell our city." We personally can't wait to explore the calamities held within the memories of the objects in Deep Down, which, again, is supposed to take place in the future.

And speaking of the future, we'll have to wait until next year for Deep Down's release, but at least a beta is set to launch in February for the PlayStation 4.