Dennis Farrell of Fox Sports joins Jeff Thurn on Wednesday’s edition of Overtime.

Farrell (@Dennis77Farrell) is an analyst at Fox Sports. Hear his conversation with Thurn below:

Is Farrell surprised about the Detroit Lions 3-1 start to the NFL season?

"I am more surprised on this defense. It seems like one of those defenses that on paper is destined to fail, and here you go, the Detroit Lions are in the upper half of rankings in the defenses. I think me and everybody in Detroit are kind of shocked. Offense-wise, I think we all knew it was coming. You get Lombardi from the Saints, you bring in a lot of these coaches that have around Super Bowl champions and been to Super Bowls. This has been what this team is lacking in the past. Offensively, they've been alright. A little banged up, but that defense is sure surprising us right now."

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