According to the man himself, Derek Jeter will call it a career following the upcoming New York Yankees season. Jeter has played for 19 years with the Yankees, and is one of the most decorated Yankees in the organization's history.

As a lifelong Yankees fan, this news was partly expected but has left me feeling empty.

For me, this is a different feeling. I'm a relatively young guy and I grew up watching the Yankees. Better yet, I've never really known the Yankees without Derek Jeter. The idea of him not being in New York just seems wrong.

The Yankees of my lifetime (Jeter, Rivera, Bernie Williams, Paul O'Neill, Andy Pettitte to name some) have now entered retirement, or in Jeter's case almost. As a fan, it is now onto a new era.

While this happens for every team, it just seems weird for the Yankees to experience a feeling of an unknown after this upcoming season ends. Jeter was one of a kind. For now, we'll enjoy the ride of his last year. For later, we'll have to wait and see what new era starts.

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