OK, Shaquille O'Neal is a big man with a big name and an equally big bank account. So, he can spend his money on whatever he wants to.

But his latest purchase has people scratching their heads and it isn't for the reasons you think. The former NBA star and current Buick pitchman - is it me, or does that LaCrosse STILL look like he's sitting in a shoebox - bought a very reasonably priced 3,900 square foot home in Mount Dora, FL.

The price: a nominally priced $235,000. No, a decimal point is not missing. Not $23.5 million. Not even $2.35 million. Just comma-inducing $235,000.

According to TMZ:

Shaq -- who is reportedly worth around $250 million -- currently lives in an 11-bedroom, 13-bath PALACE outside Orlando, FL ... which includes a 20,000-square-foot basketball court and garage filled with DOZENS of sports cars!!!

It's unclear WHY the Shaq-ster bought the spare pad ... Investment? Gift? Kicks and giggles? But we do know the house is pretty nice -- for those of us not sitting on fat bank accounts.

Maybe it's to park his new Buick in?