No matter how much you may love someone, life is mundane and people become bored. Like watering plants, you need to nurture your relationship in order to keep it alive and well. Everyone likes that ‘new’ feeling, and while you may have been together for years, it’s important to spice things up and make the relationship feel brand new. Especially since, let’s face it ladies, gentleman tend to wander.

When you’ve been with your love for a long time, you get comfortable just being. The need you once felt to maintain a certain appearance begins to diminish because, well, you’ve caught them, right? The hard part is over. You have become used to them and vice versa. But this mode of thinking is a slippery slope. Once you’ve finished playing a game, it’s familiar to you and it becomes old news. Then you want to play a new game. Once there isn’t anything ‘new’ about the relationship, your man can start to feel the same way.

So what do you do when your relationship becomes old news? A small surprise can do the trick sometimes. People want to feel important, and while they obviously are, we often forget to express that. So surprise them with something they’ve mentioned loving but not owning. Catch your man eyeballing that watch? Leave it on the bathroom counter for him one morning. Gift him with an expensive new cologne or tickets to the game. Cook his favorite meal or a new dish he’s been dying to try.

Another way to keep things interesting is to spice up the sexual side of your relationship. As previously stated, it’s easy to become comfortable. You’ve traded in the corset and stilettos for some slippers and sweatpants, and that’s okay… But every once in a while your partner would love to see you all laced up again. So break out the lingerie and plan a kinky night for your lover! Read up on and test out some new mind blowing tricks that will make your partner wonder “who is this person?” Just like that, you’re brand new again.

And what screams “fresh” like a change of scenery? Is there a place your man has always wanted to go, but hasn’t? Or even a place they’ve visited before and have been dying to return to. Surprise, baby! Here’s your ticket. Just like that, you’re setting up some new experiences that will keep you both riding high, and closer than ever. This adventure will give you some new things to talk about and perhaps even lead to your next adventure.

Keeping your relationship interesting is important because when things get harsh or stagnant, your partner is who’s there to muddle through it with you. Having someone to lean on in hard times who you also crave is a beautiful thing to have. To love and lust after the same person, no matter how long you’ve been together, is something that many people desperately want but have trouble holding onto. Maintaining a sense of excitement is how that relationship can be held onto.

So, book that vacation, download that soundtrack, buy yourself that new bustier, and show him that this is one game he wants to keep on playing!