Dick Jauron joins Jeff Thurn on Friday’s edition of Overtime. 

Jauron was recently elected to the College Football Hall of Fame.

How did Jauron find out about being elected into the College Football Hall of Fame? 

"I actually got notified yesterday, but then was told or asked not to say anything that would be announced today. And a really nice package came yesterday with a football in it and a nice letter explaining the honor. It was just perfect."

Jauron remembers his days at Yale as a running back: 

"The thing I remember most is great teammates and coaches and of course a great university. Inside that great university, with that great university comes a great rivalry with Harvard. The Yale-Harvard game our senior year, as group of seniors, there was 17 of us. When we started out as freshman, there were over a 120 freshman on football team. So 17 seniors, we hadn't beat Harvard in previous freshman, sophomore and junior year. To beat Harvard in our last year was just a terrific memory for me because it is a great rivalry. A terrific rivalry."

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(Photo by NFL via Getty Images)