On Sunday the San Antonio Spurs finished off a four-game sweep of the Los Angeles Lakers in their first-round playoff matchup. Is it time for L.A. to seriously change course?

Last off-season, the Lakers thought they had installed a major upgrade when they acquired Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. The actual season got off to a very rough start, though, and head coach Mike Brown was fired after just five games.

After months of inconsistent play and public bickering among the team's numerous stars—including Howard and Kobe Bryant—the Lakers limped to an 8-seed in the Western Conference. We mean "limped" literally, as Bryant's torn Achilles tendon certainly didn't help L.A.'s postseason hopes.

With a brand-new off-season to think things over, perhaps L.A. will decide that flushing away this season—and most of the roster—is the best way to get to a brighter future. But then again, is having talent-packed team with the likes of Howard, Nash, Pau Gasol and, of course, Kobe really a problem that needs solving?