On Thursday, the Los Angeles Dodgers did something they haven't done since 2009 and that is punch their ticket to the postseason.

They did so by defeating their division rival Arizona Diamondbacks on the D-backs home field, clinching the NL West Title.

After the game, the Dodgers celebrated briefly on the field then headed to the clubhouse for the proverbial champagne party.

After all the champagne was sprayed about the clubhouse, some of the Dodger players decided it was time to rinse off, so they did what anyone would do who had a pool at their disposal, they went for a swim.

Yes, a swim in the pool right over the outfield fence at the ballpark.  Absolutely hilarious and priceless at the same time.

This is what is great about baseball.  You have a 162 game season that can be grueling and tough, just ask the above mentioned Dodgers who found themselves 12 games out of the NL West lead at one point.  But in the case of the Dodgers, they relished in the moment, they went back to their childhood when baseball was just a game and celebrated what they accomplished through a long season and had some fun in the process.

Some bitter Diamondback players, fans and media members and even front office personnel cried foul last night and into today, but obviously their motives are clear.  Here's a tip for those folks as well, next year, don't play as bad and maybe, just maybe you can actually celebrate in your own pool.  Crazy concept huh?

So as the Dodgers continue to celebrate today, the postseason is fast approaching which means a whole "new" season for the boys in blue.  We'll see if they are celebrating come October.