The question has been thrown around every sports platform this week about the health of the relationship between star quarterback and head coach in Green Bay.

Does Aaron Rodgers get along with Mike McCarthy?

The answer is probably much more complex than any of us truly know but there are factors in place that certainly give merit to the question.

The team continues to struggle offensively from what critiques call a lack of innovation.

It's kind of ironic that you have a quarterback who's identity is attached to his ability to be innovative in and out of the pocket yet the offense looks predictable at times from a play calling and route design stand point.

So does this problem equal a relationship strain with McCarthy and Rodgers?

Again, it has to be more complex than that.

Rodgers can be a hard guy to get along with according to some and eventually maybe that wears on a business relationship. Maybe the reported problems with Rodgers and his immediate family have caused a rift in other relationships.

It all becomes speculation that the media and public rely on in order to process why Aaron Rodgers hasn't looked like Aaron Rodgers.

There is one more factor though. Losing.

The Green Bay Packers haven't looked like the Green Bay Packers and that has to contribute to some of the strain.

Losing is one thing, but losing the way the Packers have been losing has to have everyone questioning themselves and those around them.

That questioning can turn to disagreements on who is truly to blame and how to fix it all.

So do they get along? I would guess they get along within the confines of a working relationship, but it does appear from the outside that it has become a bit stale.

My advice is simple. Move on from McCarthy and get Rodgers a psychologist.

It doesn't take away from what either have done together over the years which has included a Super Bowl victory, but sometimes it's best to move on and that applies to both here.