Donald Sloan of the Indiana Pacers joined Jeff Thurn on Friday's edition of Overtime. 

Sloan averaged 2.3 points in 48 games played in 2013-2014.

Thurn asks Sloan why the Pacers weren't able to beat the Heat even as the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference: 

"A few games they outplayed us, and don't think we started every game like we should have had. They played at another level; they brought intensity, energy, and all those things we lack under with restrictions in a lot of those games. We didn't play with a level of intensity that we needed to and sometimes it was just too late."

How much interaction is there with Larry Bird with the Pacers? 

"There's a lot interaction. He's always around in the facilities, at practice, in the locker rooms you know just talking with us. I kind of think he let Frank (Vogel) do what he needed to do to get us to do what we need to win. I'm sure they met often or whenever, but as far as pertaining to the players and Larry, it was always you know just jumping in there, we got this, and let's go guys. It wasn't really a beat down every time we talked to him. It was a motivation and let's go guys and go get them."

Was Sloan relieved to hear Vogel was returning as head coach next year? 

"Yeah, Frank's a great coach. Outside of what a lot of people think and social media, Frank does a great job with the players we have. Always positive and his way works. No matter what people believe his way works and like I said, we just fell short with going out there and getting it done. But for the most part, everything he had us do was to beat Miami and make it to the Finals and we just fell short."

To hear more of Thurn's interview with Sloan, listen below:

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