It happened again, and it's not uncommon.

At police briefing we heard about a purse being stolen from a vehicle. It was nothing out of the ordinary, as it happens far too often.

People wind up reporting lost or stolen property from an unlocked vehicle, garage or home, and it's the kind of theft that can be prevented.

That this one didn't get much attention at police briefing doesn't compare with just how very important it was to the person whose purse was taken.

Women, imagine if your purse were stolen, all the important things you would lose. And guys, imagine someone you don't know going through your wallet. Cash, credit cards, driver's license all in the hands of someone who is dishonest enough to steal it and not feel the least bit guilty.

They have your money, your credit cards and your bank debit card, and because they have your driver's license they know where you live.

As I said, this can be prevented--don't leave valuables in your car, unless you're putting them into the trunk, and lock your car. Keep your house locked when you're gone, and lock your garage.

Protect your valuables and don't be a victim.