New regulations are in effect for 2015 in South Dakota regarding the transportation of fish and bait.

The Department of Game, Fish and Parks is reminding anglers to not bring any lake water away from the lake. Any bait transported away from the lake must be taken in domestic or bottled water. This includes the short trip from the lake or boat to a cleaning station. Anglers must dump lake water back into the lake and bring bait in a container to a place where domestic water is available. Tap water is often available at fish cleaning stations.

State law bans the dumping of minnows into any body of water. Minnows should be dumped into fish grinders or into a trash can at the dock or cleaning stations.

The new regulations are part of the GFP's effort to stop invasive species in the state. More information is available at

"As much information as we provided up front on the implementation of these new regulations, we know there are still going to be questions," said Kelly Hepler, GFP Secretary. "I would encourage people to call our offices or ask a GFP employee if they are in any way uncertain of how to comply with these new regulations. We are trying to ensure everyone who wants to enjoy South Dakota's waters can do so with the confidence that they know these new rules. These are big changes and our staff are a great resource and willing to help field customer concerns."