The time you spend with your kids isn't as important as what you are doing with them.

You can work late, travel during the week or even work two jobs and it may prevent you from having a lot of time with your family.  Don't feel that you're neglecting them.  Just do SOMETHING with them.

What matters is the quality of the time you spend together.

The University of Toronto recently conducted a study and found that the AMOUNT of time you spend with your kid really doesn't affect how they do in school, how they behave, or their emotional well being.

The only thing that's important is the QUALITY of the time you spend together.  It's truly a case of quality over quantity.

In fact, they found if you're forcing yourself to spend time with your kids and that makes you stressed or angry, it's actually worse for them than not spending time with them at all.  The researchers say, quote, "In an ideal world, this study would alleviate parents' guilt about the amount of time they spend and show instead what's really important for kids."

Tell us some of the things that you do as a family.