Former New England wide receiver Donte Stallworth joined Jeff Thurn on Friday's edition of Overtime.

Stallworth on if there is any hypocrisy with the NFL on player safety and health:

"You hope as a player and fan now, you hope everything is gained toward player safety. I know with the new technology and helmets, the new rules they are implementing, although a lot defensive players don't agree with it, and I have some issues with some of it, but I think they are trying to move in the right direction whether it's hypocrisy or not. For me, I'd have to look into it, but for the guys, the concussions, no helmet to helmet contact, no shoulder to helmet contact, and I think that's good for the league, but as this thing goes on, hopefully we can evolve and make the game a lot safer for everyone."

To hear the rest of Stallworth's, listen below: