The Tennessee Volunteers have a storied football program with a history of winning.

That was not the case under Derek Dooley.

Dooley was fired Sunday after posting the Vols longest run of consecutive losing seasons in over a 100 years. Dooley had a terrible 15-21 record in 3 seasons as the head man in Knoxville.

When it came to playing the top 25, he was horrendous, posting a 0-15 mark against those opponents.

In the SEC Conference, he wasn't much better, going 4-19 in in that stretch.

Before Dooley, the Vols had who they needed in Lane Kiffin. A guy who had enthusiasm back in the program, recruiting up and a blowout win over Virgina Tech in the Chick-Fil-A bowl following the 2009 season.

But when Kiffin got the offer to coach his dream job at USC, it was a decision he had to make.

However, Tennessee couldn't give the job away after Kiffin's departure and settled for a lackluster coach in Derek Dooley.

Since then, they have changed Athletic Directors and fallen off the map so far in regards to the competition level they were accustomed to, that on Saturday night, they got smacked around the field by their in-state rival Vanderbilt, a program who had only beaten them one time in the past 30 years prior to that victory.

So Sunday morning came and it was time to #FireDooley as the twitter masses and the Tennessee fan-base had been calling for to happen for weeks.

It was the right decision, but it would of been the right decision after year 2, not almost to the end of year 3.

Dooley wont be another head coach in a major D-1 program ever. He may find his way to a mid-major, but I wouldn't wish that on anybody.

Nice man, good husband, great father, but not a good coach.

I wont miss his bad calls, lack of leadership, inability to win or those god-awful orange pants.

I wish the UT fans better luck with their next coach and for their sake, they will hire a winner, not someone with the similar coaching skills of a "Derek Dooley".