Monday, April 13th had been circled on my calender for a long time. Opening day for the Minnesota Twins. I was stoked to go up. My brother Carl from Presho, SD has made it a point over the past few years to secure AWESOME seats to the Twins home opener.

It started a few years ago, when they went up for the inaugural game at Target Field. He and a couple buddies went up and had a great time. Since then he's spent a lot of time and probably quite a bit of money to secure GREAT seats for the opener. It gets better. He invites me!

Last year, my son Logan and I joined them and we sat about 4 rows off the field near the 3rd base dugout. The year before that we were on the first base side but again, right down by the field.

When I go to a ball game, I start with the inexpensive seats and just go to the game. Carl likes to REALLY GO to the game. So it's fun to go along when he has tickets.

Oh, he had some tickets for me this year too. I could have been in the Legends Club at the home opener yesterday for the Twins, but Easter Sunday we found out the Sioux Falls Skyforce had a playoff game coming up at the Sanford Pentagon. I wanted like hell to go to the twins game, but I also love doing the PA for the Skyforce. So I stayed in Sioux Falls.

Well the Skyforce won, so that was great!  But then I get home and see a couple of pictures from the game on Facebook.

Seems Carl had tickets that were first row right next to the dugout on Kansas City Royal Dugout. I mean reach over the fence and you're on the field!

Pic By Nicole Husman

So, what about this Dream Day for a Lyman County Youth with the Minnesota Twins? Kendrys Morales hits a Home Run for the Royals into the upper deck. The Minnesota Twins fans throw the ball back on the the field. The ball is thrown to the KC dugout and the first base coach hands the ball to Chace!  Chace was there with Carl and Nicole.  Thrill Number one.

Then I see a picture from Nicole's Facebook and this picture is on it. It appears that someone who is sorta kinda famous is sitting behind them at the game. It's Tyus Jones of the newly crowned NCAA Champion Duke Blue Devils. So, Chace took his picture with him too! (Thanks Tyus)

I asked Carl what Chace thought of it. He said, 'I don't know if he really understands the scope of what happened.'

I'll tell you this, if Chace is a sports fan, he'll look back on the day, on the picture and that home run ball and say to himself, yeah that was a pretty awesome day.

Oh, by the way. The Skyforce won. I had a great time at the game last night and am looking forward to the Skyforce hopefully moving on tonight in the playoffs.

Nicole Husman