In the end, a Sioux Falls man may have regretted calling police. Officer Sam Clemens says William Michael Reed called police at around 1 a.m. Tuesday because he thought someone was in his garage in the 1800 block of East 29th Street North.

Clemens says when police searched the garage, they didn't find anyone. What they did find were drugs, some of them in plain sight, and he says they found more in the house.

Clemens says a pipe with white residue was found in the garage-shop area, as well as a baggie with meth in it. Meth and marijuana were also found in the house.

Clemens says Reed, 56, and his wife Stephanie Ray Willard, 22, were both arrested and charged with possession of a controlled drug, possession of paraphernalia and maintaining a place where drugs are kept. Willard was also charged with marijuana possession.

Their children, ages three, two and eight months, were taken into protective custody when the parents were arrested.