There is a Guinness Book of World Record for everything it appears. Dwayne Johnson has just set another one, this time by using his smile.

One of the largest trends when it comes to taking photos involves taking selfies. Just the word "selfie" itself wasn't actually a word until a couple years ago. Now we've gone as far as to grab huge, gigantic sticks that people awkwardly wander around with taking those photos.

Leave it to the People's Champion to find a good way to put the selfie to use. The Rock has claimed his second Guinness Book of World Record for the most selfies taken in under three minutes.

Yes, apparently that category exists. If it didn't before, it does now.

This is Johnson's second Guinness Book of World Record. He previously set the record for the most money made by a first-time actor at $5.5 million for his leading role in
The Scorpion King.