If you have quit sending Christmas cards, you may want to reconsider and send at least one more and send it to sweet, little, 6-year-old Addie Fauseet.

Addie lives in Utah and has been told by doctors that this may be her last Christmas. She was diagnosed with a terminal illness and stopped growing at age 3. An MRI has shown showed that Addie has extensive atrophy to her brain.

Addie has said all she wants for Christmas is Christmas cards.

Addie's mother Tami Fausett, told ABC News: "She's loved Christmas, It's been really hard."

According to 9News.com Addie has been recieving cards from all over. Right now is a particularly rough time for Addie and her two sisters. Their father passed away unexpectedly over the weekend. Addie's mom says the cards already have meant so much to Addie.


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