Eric Macramalla, legal analyst at the Sport Network (TSN), joined Jeff Thurn on Wednesday’s edition of Overtime on ESPN 99.1.

To hear the conversation with Thurn and Macramalla, listen below:

Macramalla discusses the latest involving Adrian Peterson and the NFL: 

"Adrian Peterson is probably going to have a tough time playing football this season. The bottom line is the NFL is saying while Peterson is on the exempt list, that wasn't a suspension. That was paid leave. They are extinguishing between to that. Fairness to the NFL. When the NFLPA wrote them back on September 17 acknowledging the terms of this agreement and put Peterson on this list, the NFL said and the NFLPA agreed that the NFL was reserving the right to suspend Peterson after he was removed from this list. So, it's not a huge surprise. While the NFLPA is saying that it was a suspension and not a paid leave, the NFL is saying no, he was being paid to stay away pending the result of a very serious investigation. I don't think Peterson is going to play. I think the NFLPA is going to have a real tough time because I heard DeMaurice Smith yesterday arguing that this process lacks transparency and is arbitrary and being done certainly out of convenience and there is public demand for this. The problem is when the NFLPA agreed to the CBA in 2011, they the commissioner exclusive, and broad descriptions to suspend players. So, Goodell is acting in his legal rights under the CBA. No.2, the new domestic violence policy, which is part of personal conduct policy by the way, calls for six games. That's what you have here. The only argument is whether the paid leave was a suspension, and legally it probably wasn't. So, very tough for the NFLPA here to find success for Peterson."

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