Well at least at this point, the Minnesota Twins aren't in the cellar of the American League Central.  At least at this point...

But that could change, they could lose a couple games and find themselves right back where many anticipated they would be entering the season.

The season so far has had its ups and downs, mainly downs in yet another "wait until next year" season for the lowly Twins.

However, hope is on the horizon, or at least that is what the Twins front office would like you to believe.  Granted there are some young talented Twins in the farm system, that may be too far out for some Twins fans to grasp.

Judd Zulgad of ESPN 1500 in the Twin Cities joined Jeff Thurn on Overtime to discuss the season so far and what could lie ahead.

What could lie ahead for the Twins according to Judd, could possibly be the trades of Josh Willingham and Justin Morneau.  Judd said "there isn't anything the works" & "he wouldn't take Morneau to market yet", but the facts support his claims.

Morneau in the final year of his contract is certainly expendable as long as there is a suitable option on the trade market, and if not the Twins could always tender him and get draft picks for him in regards to a possible suitor in the off-season.

Either way, its clear, this is not a team that is on the brink of the playoffs, yet a team that is still trying to find its identity this year and moving into the future.  We'll let the rest of the season play out before we speculate on what the future will be, but thanks to Judd Zulgad of ESPN 1500, we have a better grasp of what going on now.

Take a listen to his interview on Overtime with Jeff Thurn.