Fate is making the Yankees rally around each other, but maybe the team isn't as close-knit as ESPN's Doug Glanville thinks.  Glanville, a baseball analyst for ESPN, described the Yankees injury situation as 'Brokeback Mountain' on Monday's broadcast of a spring training game between the Yankees and the Cardinals. (Watch and listen to the video above.)

Hmmn. It's safe to say Glanville may not have seen 'Brokeback Mountain,' the Academy Award-nominated film released in 2005 that featured a homosexual romance between two sheep herders played by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. Either that, or Glanville knows more about the Yankees' players than we do. They're brittle, Doug. Perhaps 'MASH' or 'ER' work better.

The Yankees have had numerous injuries this spring. Already knowing they'd be without Alex Rodriguez until well into the regular season, the Yankees have lost Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira, as well. Plus, Derek Jeter is still not 100 percent after breaking his ankle during the 2012 postseason.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman, who was himself injured in a sky-diving accident this spring, said Monday that he has contacted veteran players near, or in, retirement such as Scott Rolen, Derrek Lee and Chipper Jones as possible replacements until Rodriguez, Teixeira and Granderson return. If Cashman gets lucky, one of the old players will say "I wish I knew how to quit you," to baseball.