ESPN's T.J. Quinn joins Jeff Thurn on Tuesday's edition of Overtime to share his thoughts on Anthony Bosch surrendering today to the federal Drug Use Administration for his involvement with performance-enhancing drugs.

Quinn (@TJQuinnESPN) is an investigative reporter for ESPN and Outside the Lines. In his interview below with Thurn, he adds his insight into the latest surrounding Bosch and Biogenesis.

How did today's news involving Bosch and the DEA come together over the last few months? 

"Well according to the DEA, they started looking into Bosch in the Fall of 2013, which is right about the time stories came out that he wasn't just dealing to professional athletes, that he was providing drugs to minors. Mike Fish and I had been down for that clinic a number of times and sat outside parents bringing their kids there. So, that's really what throws the feds on this. The way they described it was the more they looked into it, the wider it got. So, 10 people were charged today. As far as I know, I think Bosch is the only one who reached some sort of plea agreement. The rest were indicted, or at least charged. The timing is coincidental in that's its a year that most of the Biogenesis suspensions were announced, but what really broke him (Bosch) and I think the public pressure associated with it was the minors."

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