ESPN’s Trevor Matich joined Tuesday’s edition of Overtime with Jeff Thurn. 

Matich (@TMatich) is a college football analyst at ESPN. Hear Jeff and Trevor's conversation below:

Is there anyway Brady Hoke survives at Michigan?

"No, I really don't. Part of the problem is that he has to play Ohio State still. I don't see see him beating Ohio State, either. So, he'll end up being crushed again by his rivals, and that adds an emotional component to frustration of losing. I think he has a young team this year. A lot of freshman and sophomores playing key roles. Next year would be the year to really judge the progress of his program from a wins and loss standpoint. But having said that, you still need to show some incremental improvement. You need to show why even though the wins aren't yet, if improvement is happening and we should stay the core? With Brady Hoke, every year he has been there, instead of having things improve a little bit, they've gotten worse. Not just in the wins and losses. Because the win total has gone down every year he's been there. But also in the way the program seems to be playing on the field. Because of that, I don't think they will give him that extra year next year for these recruits to come into their own."

Michigan is 3-5 and hosts Indiana, Saturday. The Wolverines lost to Michigan State last weekend.

Lastly, as Matich finished his interview, he paid the highest of compliments to Thurn:

"Jeff, I always enjoy coming on with you man. You are one of the best. I talk to people all over the county and people of your audience need to know that you are one of the best sports radio broadcasters that I've ever spoken with. And that I always enjoy coming on with you."

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