New US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis, home of the Minnesota Vikings, is garnering attention from eyes across the pond.

Even media outlets in Europe are writing articles on the innovative design and amazing features.

The Telegraph newspaper in the UK referred to it as "the world's most outlandish sporting venue."

They have just opened a new 66,000-capacity stadium that looks so outrageous it feels like it shouldn't exist.

The US Bank Stadium is a vast slab of asymmetric glass and metal that towers over an entire district. It is a building full of architectural superlatives: the largest translucent roof in North America; the biggest opening glass doors in the world. Wembley, which hosted the first of three annual British NFL games last Sunday, looks dated by comparison...

The noise levels are comparable to anything in European football, if less sustained, given the sportus interruptus nature of American Football. Yes, it's excessive, but it's such thorough, and well-planned excess. The experience is streets ahead of anything available in  the UK.

You can read the rest of the story on their website: The Inside Story of the Minnesota Vikings' US Bank Stadium: The World's Most Outlandish Sporting Venue

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