(Photo Courtesy of Brett Hansen/Sioux Falls Skyforce)

Much has been said about the Miami Heat and Sioux Falls Skyforce relationship in regard to the basketball product.  The words take a back seat now as the time for action has arrived.  The two-time defending champs have a significant stake in the NBA Development League.

Head Coach Pat Delany tabbed to lead the team for this maiden voyage into the partnership is excited to get this part of the process started.  “Obviously there’s a lot of intangibles and intricacies in terms of putting a roster together, getting a staff together, making sure all the bases are covered as you get ready for a camp.  First four or five days of camp have been really competitive.  Guys have been great and pushing it to the next level.”

When guys have only played together for five days, the need for a learning curve is obvious.  However, Delany will focus on team defensive principles and individual instruction at this stage.  “We’ve been doing a lot of defensive stuff because that’s going to be the backbone of what we need to do throughout the season.  I know it’s my job as Head Coach to instill upon all of the skill development part of it for the guys, too.  It can’t just be team oriented. It (also) needs to be individual for guys to get their reps and get into a groove heading into the season.”

With ten roster spots available to start the season, currently seven players from camp are projected to fall to the wayside.  A sudden glimmer of hope that the call to the NBA can come at any moment broke through Wednesday.  Diante Garrett of the Iowa Energy was signed by the Utah Jazz out of training camp.  It’s the first D-League player to get called up this season.  So it begins.