Do you remember back when the Minnesota Vikings traded for Randy Moss mid-season in hopes of filling a void in their offense?  Didn't work so well did it?

Now I know Randy Moss was at a completely different point in his career than Josh Freeman in many ways, but the similarities to the Vikings that year making a bold move to help the offense and now this one are valid.

The Vikings are desperate at this point to try and salvage a season that couldn't of started worse and they are going to rely on Freeman as he will start against the Giants on Monday Night Football.

Its clear the Vikings are moving on from Christian Ponder, but how much of a lateral move is it from Ponder to Freeman.  Essentially, that is the million dollar question.

In my personal opinion, I see Freeman experiencing the same sort of success, production and criticism that Ponder and Cassel have.

There will be ups, but certainly more downs.  There will be bright spots, but certainly more dark days.  The QB position with the Vikings is certainly a position that isn't helping them win, but that can be said for a lot of positions on the roster right now.

There is a reason the Bucs decided Freeman needed to go.  You just don't bail on a first round pick unless you feel they can't help you anymore.  Does this sound familiar?

Freeman was god awful to start the season.  Worst passer rating in the NFL and the growing rift with Greg Schiano was becoming more and more transparent by the minute.

Some of that angst from Schiano clearly had to do with the lack of production on the field and lack of leadership in the locker-room.   Plus Schiano didn't draft Freeman, so to be fair, he wasn't "his guy", which made the divorce easier for the head coach.

Again, its not a shocker that the Vikes are making this move to insert Freeman into the starting QB role, that was obviously their goal from Day1 when they signed him, but what is shocking is the fact that I believe, that the Vikings and Rick Spielman really believe Freeman could be the future.

Time will tell, but taking into account the past history of this franchise, the overall production this season out of the Vikings and the recent history of Freeman on the field, this all points to a tumultuous end.

* The Vikings play the New York Giants next on Monday Night Football on October 21st on ESPN at 7:20pmCST.