You hear it all too often, "All that guy cares about is the money", in reference to a pro athlete and their true desires for playing professional sports.

The truth though is, most all pro athletes play the game for the love of the game and not for the money.

The concept is hard to comprehend for some fans when a guy is in a slump or their team is losing, but when you are around the players, teams and games as much as I am, it's clear the love is the driving force.

Passion comes in all different forms and just because a guy isn't boisterous or commanding in the public eye, doesn't mean that the passion for the art isn't there.

We see so many fans ultimately jump to questioning desire and passion when losing occurs and most times it is way out of line.

Recently I had Brian Robison on my show after a loss, defensive end with the Minnesota Vikings and he loves the fans and does as much for the fans as I know in pro sports, yet he was even a bit tired of the negative rhetoric when losing occurs.

Clearly he understands that the NFL is a bottom line business, wins and losses matter, but when people are over reacting by questioning work ethic and desire and passion, then it crosses a line that I am sure angers many players, not just him, throughout the years.

The fans don't see the hours, they don't see the rehab, they don't see film work, they don't see all the behind scenes sacrifices these athletes make.

Is the money enormous? YES!!!

But for some reason as some point, the middle class in America started thinking rich people don't work as hard or harder than them.

One of the biggest misconceptions drives a argument that is flawed and insulting all in one.

I will talk to a NFL guy at 7am when he his at the facility and talk to him again at 7pm and he is still at the facility and its a normal Tuesday in that world.

Are there guys that mail it in after a big contract? Sure, but that happens in all industries as complacency is a real thing, but to be great and the one percenters that make the pro's are driven and deserve to be treated as such.

The money is there for the toll the sport takes on their body and the toll being great takes on their time.

The love of the game is what drives them, it truly does and I hope fans start to give them more credit.