Yesterday, an article surfaced on that said head coach and President of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Flip Saunders didn't have any sort of animosity toward Kevin Love for him orchestrating a exit from Minnesota but that he couldn't say the same thing for the fans.

After reading the piece, I just couldn't agree this time with Flip.

I trust his basketball IQ, his desire to bring winning back to Minnesota and his love for the game.  But I don't believe his comments in this case and here's why.

First of all, if anyone should be mad it should be Flip.  He got saddled with a disgruntled superstar because of the previous regimes unwillingness to give Love the extra year on his deal and max him out.  Furthermore, Flip did everything in his power to mend the relationship with Kevin and the front office just to no prevail.

The fans shouldn't be mad and nor do I get the sense that most are.  In fact, because Kevin Love orchestrated a trade, the Twolves got the #1 overall selection in the last two drafts along with other pieces including Thaddeus Young.

Love could've of left the Twolves high and dry and strung them and the fan base along with false hope of a re-signing.  The Timberwolves are a few years away and Kevin Love tried to elevate a sub par roster to a playoff team, but always fell short.  He wanted to win with proven talent NOW and Minnesota couldn't offer that.

Instead of being vindictive, Love was honest and helped the Twolves better position themselves for the future.

It was one of the rare occurrences where all involved seemed to make out pretty well and for that fact alone I don't see how fans could be scorned by Love's departure.

The Minnesota Timberwolves play the Cleveland Cavilers on Tuesday night in Cleveland on NBATV.