There's a lot of stick-related free games out there it seems. Yesterday, we featured a free game with a Stickman and today our free game stars a hieroglyph! Today's Free App of the Day is the first title from X4 Games -- Feast or Famine!

That hieroglyph main character? His name is Glyph, as it turns out. And he's just another prehistoric stickman with a village of people to feed. And you need to help him.

This endless runner features pretty animated graphics inspired by cave paintings and a driving, tribal soundtrack that will help power you along as you try to spear your quarry. Chase down your meat over open plains, cliffs and waterfalls, through trees and swinging vines!

What are ya waiting for? That food isn't gonna just turn into caveman mean for you on its own! Download a copy of Feast or Famine today for your iPhone and iPad!