Deflate gate continues to sweep over the nation with no end in sight. If you're like me, it's time to just move away and find something more fun.

We know the Patriots are "getting ready for the 2015 season," so I figured I'd take a quick spin around the world of sports and find five stories that are much more fun to talk about. Besides, I can only handle talking about Tom Brady's deflated balls for so long.

1. Alex Rodriguez's Continued Success
- I know there is not a lot of Alex Rodriguez supporters in this area. I also understand that people are still upset regarding the steroids/PED/HGH issues that he ran into. Fact is he continues to play at a high level and doing it while clean. I firmly believe that he is being tested multiple times a week and to play the way he is after one year away from the game is amazing. A-Rod is a huge reason why the New York Yankees are in first place of the AL East. I'm not asking for people to celebrate his success, but remember that he was very good in Seattle before anything of steroids ever came up.

2. UFC's Ronda Rousey Faces Tough Test with Bethe Correia
- 1 minute, 36 seconds. That's the amount of time it's taken Ronda Rousey to finish off her last three opponents. This upcoming Saturday night, she will face one of her biggest tests yet as she faces the undefeated Bethe Correia at UFC 190. Most people are quickly believing that Rousey will have this easy, but she has even said herself that she wants to draw this fight out and make Correia pay for her comments regarding her past. Correia, a native of Rio De Janeiro, will be fighting in her home country.

3. The Detroit Tigers are Looking to Sell the Farm
- Fire sale. Apparently the Detroit Tigers are looking to get rid of almost anyone that other teams would want. David Price? Willing to talk. Yoenis Cespedes? Willing to talk. The only cell phone talk that I want to hear is which team is making the calls to get these two guys.

4. The Minnesota Twins...Are Falling?
- Remember back in April when the expectations for the Twins was for them to just be a bit better than what they were last year? Then all of a sudden they started winning games and put themselves into the playoff hunt at the All-Star Break. The start of the second half of the season has been pretty awful for the Twins, as they have gone 3-8 in their first 11. Can they get back on track and make the playoffs? Will they fall short? No matter which direction, the end of the season for the Twins is more exciting than Tom Brady's deflated balls.

5. Eric Berry Returns to Kansas City Chiefs Camp
- This one is special and for it to get lost in the shuffle because of Brady's deflated balls is just terrible. Eric Berry was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma last November and his football career came to a halt. Berry underwent treatment immediately and has now battled back to return to training camp with Kansas City this summer. Berry is one of the best feel-good stories of the summer. He didn't lay down and just let cancer defeat him. I am hoping that he is able to return to the field at the high level he previous played at. As someone who has had a family member battle through cancer, I want Berry to succeed more than anyone else this season.