This past weekend I took the quick trip with my fiancé to Omaha to check out their craft beer scene. Here's five things we discovered.

If you are a person that enjoys beer then the Omaha Craft Beer Tour is for you. To request your free Omaha Craft Beer Explorers Journal, click here. Make your next weekend a great one.

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    So Many Beers

    We had the opportunity to take part of Omaha's Craft Beer Tour. The tour includes nine different breweries, and also includes one free beer at each stop. Each place features 5-10 different beers that are made in house. We found everything from a standard lager to a beer that resembled a wine, called Moonstruck, at the Farnam House Brewery (and was 10.5% abv....Yeah. It was strong).

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    Not All Stouts Are the Same

    I'm a stout guy. It took me a very long time to get the taste for it, but once I did I was instantly hooked. While in Omaha I had the chance to try different stouts around the tour. At the Upstream brewery, they had a dark Scottish ale that resembled and tasted more like a stout. The Brickway brewery, right down the sidewalk from Upstream, featured a stout that tasted just like coffee. Both were delicious and my two favorite beers of the weekend.

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    There is a Flavor for Everyone

    My fiancé hasn't always explored different types of beer. She's always enjoyed the standard store-bought stuff and is a bit hesitant to try different beers. One of the nice parts of the Craft Beer Tour is that each stop gives you the opportunity to try each of their drinks before you purchase them. She managed to find at least two different drinks at each stop that she enjoyed. On top of that there is a taste on all spectrums. We had some strong IPA's that left a strong aftertaste, to a new "smoked" beer that makes you feel like you drank a beer and smoked a cigar at the same time.

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    We don't have this in South Dakota but the manager at the Upstream Brewery suggested that we download the Uber app to travel around Omaha. Uber works like a taxi, but there is no exchange of cash or having to wait an hour for a cab. Some of the stops on the tour require transportation between them, and using Uber saved us quite a bit. Not to mention, when you request an Uber it instantly shows you how far away a driver is and even gives notification when the driver has arrived. Our most expensive fare was $15 (and even received two free rides for signing up).

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    "The Diner"

    Down in the Old Market in Omaha stands this tiny little diner. Everything is made home fresh and is a local favorite. Featured some of the best bacon I've ever had, plus was very reasonable on the wallet. A must stop for my fiancé and me when we go to Omaha.

    Jerry Palleschi/ESPN 99.1