Self-restraint has never been a virtue of mine. I can fool myself into thinking it's just a tiny flaw of character. Until Spring arrives.

When I make that first trip to a garden center, after a long, brow-gray winter, all bets are off! The array of color and textures, the scent of soil, combined with the abundance of foliage, tends to override any discipline that I may have developed.

I want three of every plant I see in every color that's offered. With the huge selection of colorful annuals, I needed to look for some help.

The color wheel simplifies things. On the wheel, harmonious colors are next to each other and complimentary colors are across from each other. Warm colors, which are red, orange, and yellow,  will stand out in the garden, giving it an energized feeling. For a calming effect, choose the cool colors of blue, purple, and green.

Plants that feature foliage, rather than flowers, can be combined to make a colorful statement of their own, as shown in the picture below.

Debbie Graham/Results Radio

Can all colors be used in one landscape? Well, yes and no. In the front of your house you may want cool, calming colors that offer a sense of welcome. The side yard can transition into a little color with yellow and white. Your backyard can then be where all the warm colors are used to add exuberance to your entertaining area.

So, give the wheel a spin and find out how the use of annuals can be a colorful start to your outdoor season.