On Friday’s edition of Overtime, Derrick Mason joins Jeff Thurn and adds his opinion on Ray Rice's two-game suspension for domestic violence. Mason (@deemason85) played 15 seasons in the NFL for the Houston Texans, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans/Oilers. He caught 943 passes for 12,061 yards and 66 touchdowns.

He currently is a sports radio host for 95.9 WNSR in Nashville.

Mason tells his reaction to the NFL's decision to hand Ray Rice a two-game suspension: 

"I was shocked. Not shocked in a way that it floored me considering when you talk about domestic violence. Talk about the other cases that have been you know with other guys in NFL and how domestic violence is running rampant. Not just talking about the NFL, but in general. I was just surprised the NFL didn't take a more harsh stance toward it, but if you look at the past track record of domestic violence when it comes to the NFL, this is in line with what they typically do to domestic violence with either your spouse or your girlfriend is usually two, one, maybe even three games. I think maybe even the longest might have been Brandon Marshall and he appealed that. You look the NFL track record, it's not good when it comes to punishing guys a long period of time when it comes to domestic violence."

Mason is a former teammate of Rice's.

Does the NFL's 'gladiator' nature have anything to do with their punishment for players 

"I hope not. I would pray to God that they would not think that way if that was the case. Guys that played physical sports whether it would be basketball, hockey, baseball. I know baseball's not as physical as some of the sports but it takes out of boxers, MMA fighters. Domestic violence will be running rampant across all the major sports. But it's not. The reason is if you look at it is the NFL, where you talk about cases reported and guys actually having to go in front of a judge or have to get a lawyer in certain situations. It's just more prevalent with the NFL over the last couple of years and has been in sports. So I hope the NFL is not thinking that way."

To hear more of Mason's interview, listen below:

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