Tyler Starr has been at Atlanta Falcons training camp for a couple of weeks, but tonight we will finally get a look into what camp has really been like. HBO's original series Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Atlanta Falcons will debut tonight.

Hard Knocks follows one training camp per summer in the NFL, and shows the highs and lows of life in the league. The primary focus of the series has not been on the proven stars of the NFL, but the young draft picks or undrafted rookies who are attempting to make the team.

This year, one of the primary focuses of the show will be former University of South Dakota linebacker Tyler Starr. Just a few weeks ago, NFL Films and HBO were in Vermillion gathering video for the show. Starr was a seventh round draft pick this past May, and is trying to make the Falcons roster after being drafted from a small school.

Hard Knocks debuts tonight at 9:00 on HBO. For more information regarding the show, click here.