Former Los Angeles Clipper and Sioux Falls Skyforce forward joined Jeff Thurn on Tuesday’s edition of Overtime on ESPN 99.1.Smith played for the Clippers for two seasons from 2009-2011. This season, he finished the year for the Slyforce.

Smith's initial reaction to the NBA lifetime ban and 2.5 million dollar fine for Donald Sterling: 

"I think it was a good decision overall. It's good to see that everybody stood as one throughout the league, especially with the Heat and stuff and what they did yesterday. Then, for his decision to be pretty quick now, it's all about I guess the second decision that needs to be made and that's to see if he's forced to sell the team."

Smith on the Clippers' players decision to play, and semi-protest of wearing the black socks, throwing their warmups at half court last Saturday after hearing the news last Friday:

"I mean, first and foremost, it was a tough position that they were in. Being all that had came out and the fact that obviously you don't play the game to win for the owner. You win it for yourself obviously and for your family members. People who were there, while you were there, putting those hours in the gym with your teammates. You know, especially for those guys. It was symbolic because that's pretty much the way it should have been handled. It's either do that or not playing at all. You still like to play because you love the game."

Thurn asks Smith if he would have played if had a Clippers jersey on? 

"Yeah, because I play for myself. At the end of the day, I play for myself, my teammates and my coach. All that other stuff, man that's pretty much outside. It's not like he's in the locker room every day."

Smith on how much interaction he had with Sterling when he was with the Clippers?

"Little to few. Just a hey, hello, pretty much, or good job. That was pretty much it. I mean from my standpoint, but I know others having more, you know, since they were the higher-paid players."

To hear more of Smith’s interview with Thurn, listen below:

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