When it comes to talking to great NBA Basketball Players, the list of potential topics is endless.

Who's the best in the game now, what was your biggest accomplishment as a player, who is the best teammate you had, what do you think about the game these days compared to when you played and the list goes on.

Legandary Los Angeles Laker Michael Cooper joined Jeff Thurn on Overtime to talk about some of those topics and much more as he came to the Sioux Empire to be a part of the Legends for Kids Events.

One topic and question that will surely garner attention is when Michael was asked who he would start his team with: Kobe, Lebron or Jordan? Cooper answered "Kareem-Abdul Jabbar".  Then when asked to answer the question in its original context, Cooper went with "Lebron".

Take a listen to a great interview with a great NBA Player. Enjoy!