Ray McDonald has been released by the Chicago Bears after his latest domestic violence arrest in California.

According to NBC Bay Area, McDonald was arrested in Santa Clara after he is accused of assaulting a woman while she was holding a baby.

This clown is a prime example of a person who never deserved a second chance and his latest victims I'm sure would agree.

In addition, NBC Bay Area reported those victims include his ex finance along with his infant child.

Ray McDonald of course missed last season after being involved in domestic violence issues in California where he was never charged because the district attorneys office didn't receive proper cooperation from the accuser.

He was subsequently released a month later by the San Fransisco 49ers who cited a pattern of bad behavior as the reason for their decision.

McDonald later filed a defamation law suit against a woman who accused him of rape.

This guy is clearly a problem to society.  He is really good at football, but he is also good at abusing women and apparently now a child in the process.

I think a lot of people deserve second, third and even fourth chances.  But those who commit violent crimes are not those people.

When you commit a violent crime, you are proving that you are wired differently than those who roam society in a normal fashion.  Violent offenders deserve the harshest penalties and they certainly don't deserve a second chance to play in the NFL.

Take notice people, how many times do we see a athlete or for that matter anyone in society only commit a violent act or crime once.  It's rare.

Instead, they need to be removed from society for a period of time, get psychological help and hopefully adapt back to society.  But again, you should not get the same opportunities again, i.e. playing in the NFL.

I assume Ray McDonald will hit another woman.  Why wouldn't he? He had been given another opportunity by the Chicago Bears to play in the NFL and he committed a similar crime.  What is going to stop him now when he has nothing to live for like before, he will commit a similar violent act.

Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald were 2014's stories of domestic violence.  All don't deserve another chance at the NFL.  All deserve jail time.  But watch, all probably will get another chance on a NFL field and it really makes me sick.

Unfortunately, Ray McDonald is the first to prove me right.