I bet you never thought you would hear Josh Freeman as a starter playing football again, but stranger things have happened and Freeman got the start on Friday night.

The start in the FXFL.

Now you might be hearing of the FXFL for the first time, but no not me, I found out about the FXFL a couple weeks back as rookie undrafted free agent Carliff Taylor told me about the FXFL as his new home as he tries and makes a NFL practice squad or active roster.

And yes, for the Brooklyn Bolts, Josh Freeman was trotted out as the starter.

His stat line when it was all said and done was 9-16, 32 yards, 1 INT and 5 fumbles.

According to reports, which is mindboggling in itself that people were reporting on this game, said that Freeman dodged the media once the game was over.

And by the way, the FXFL stands for "Fall Experimental Football League" which is trying to be a feeder league to the NFL with a whopping three teams and a total schedule of six games.