Former professional tennis player Marissa Irvin Gould (@mirvgould) joins Tuesday's edition of Overtime with Jeff Thurn to talk about her tennis career and writing a book. 

In her interview below with Thurn, she discusses playing in 22 Grand Slam events, and playing against some of the top players in the World. Irvin-Gould is currently writing a children's book and to learn more about her, visit A Magical Racquet Ride.

Is there a moment that stands out to Irvin-Gould as she looks back on her tennis career? 

"Well I think more than anything it means a lot of hard work. When I look back at it, a lot of times it's chasing a dream. But you know I am proud of what I accomplished there was always someone better than me. So, there is always somebody or someone to chase. As far as things that stand out, winning an NCAA championship with your university (Stanford) is something that is beyond memorable and all very exciting. You know the personal achievements I had along the way in juniors, and professionally, big wins certainly stand out."

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