A fund has been set up for Madison Wallace, the Vermillion teenager who lost her life saving her little brother in the Big Sioux River in Falls Park Thursday.

Divers found the Wallace's body Friday afternoon. She was just 16. Wallace had jumped into the icy water to try to save her 6-year old brother Garrett who had fallen in. Garrett survived. Madison didn't.

Family members set up a memorial page and a fund in her memory. There, they have posted the following:

We have all been so blessed by having Madison in our lives. Everyone who knew her was touched by her sweet spirit. She was sixteen years old when she ran into a frozen river to save her younger brother from drowning, he made it out but she did not. Those who truly know Madison are not surprised by the sacrifice she made, but are deeply saddened by it just the same. Madison Wallace is a great example of one who puts others first. She lived her life on behalf of others, and she died doing the same. Madison loved to write and share her stories. She loved reading, crafting, art, playing the french horn, She has always dreamed about going on a mission to serve her church and bring others to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are positive she will serving a mission in heaven.

On Thursday March 14, 2013 Madison went to Falls Park in Sioux Falls South Dakota to have a picnic with her family. She was playing near the river with her 6 year old brother Garrett. Garrett went close to the river, probably because he was attracted to the huge amount of foam in that area. He ended up in the river and foam. Madison rushed in to save her brother not thinking for her own safety. A passerby named Lyle Eagletail saw there was a commotion in the area and saw Madison in the river struggling to save her brother. He jumped in as well to help. They were able to save Garrett, however both of them were lost.

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