What does it take to inspire a gardener? Inspiration can come from many places; poems, music, pictures, and scents can all inspire a thought or an idea. But for a gardener, just taking a walk may be the thing to do.

The word, inspiration, has a Latin root that translates to "breathe in the spirit". This past Wednesday's self-guided garden tour, sponsored by the Minnehaha Master Gardeners, allowed people to do just that.The four hour tour took place in a variety of gardens in the area, from Baltic to downtown Sioux Falls.

I was able to get to an acreage in Baltic that has been lovingly landscaped by it's owners for the past ten years. The vegetable garden with corn, carrots, zucchinni, to name a few, looks to have an abundant harvest. Next to it, through an archway, is a seating area for two that is ringed with bachelor buttons and zinnias.

The border gardens, that encircle the owner's back lawn, are planted with various perennials and containers of annuals. Pathways weave through the space, lined with small shrubs among the taller tree and pines.Garden art adds interest, without overwhelming the plantings. Below is a shaded area of the garden with one of the several birdhouses found throughout the paths.

Debbie GrahamResults radio

If you didn't make it to this year's garden tour, don't worry. The gardens in your neighborhood will provide more than enough inspiration. Just a walk around several blocks will probably surprise you.  The different plants with various colors and textures, will showcase each home' owner's personality. Whether formal or whimsical, vibrantly colored or monochromatic, sunny or shady, one or more of the gardens will "speak" to you. Or, perhaps, you'll see a plant that you've always wanted to try.

So, go ahead, take a walk, breathe in deeply, and plant with delight!