SIOUX FALLS - Sioux Falls drivers are paying more for gasoline than their Rapid City counterparts, and also more than the statewide average.

As of Tuesday, AAA says the average pump price in Sioux Falls, for the mid-level fuel, was $3.65, almost 60 cents above the price of a month ago ($3.058) and nearly 30 cents above the price at the same time in 2012 ($3.362).

Rapid City, meanwhile, was averaging $3.228 for the same fuel, compared to $2.771 on the same date in January, and $3.234 in 2012.

Triple "A" says the national average is up 19 cents in the past week, and they're saying it's because refineries are changing over to producing summer fuel, which costs more to produce.

And while you're grumbling about paying more, think of those who drive delivery vehicles, or taxis.

We're all paying more, and our best options might be to try to drive less, or to hope the price goes back down.