If you’re headed to the gas station you’ll be feeling it a little more in your wallet. I did to the tune of $92.  I liked it better when I could pull away from the pump filled for less than $75.

Those days are history. Gas prices in Sioux Falls have jumped 20 cents a gallon in the past week.

According to AAA South Dakota, the average gas price in Sioux Falls is $3.52 a gallon for regular gasoline, the same as the national average. The South Dakota average is lower at $3.34 per gallon. But Rapid City is the lowest at $2.90 per gallon currently.

Marilyn Buskhol, Public Affairs Specialist for AAA South Dakota says hopefully gas prices won’t climb as high as they did last year.

"The prices are higher now because crude oil prices are rising. The refineries aren’t producing as much gasoline and they are switching over to making more expensive summer blends," said Buskhol.

Florists and other businesses with fleets of vehicles are aware of those fluctuating gas prices since they make several deliveries per day. Kristi Masterson, Minnesota Avenue Hy-Vee store manager, said she’s been watching the gas prices steadily rise over the past week and a half. “It affects our profitability,” she said. Masterson said Hy-Vee doesn’t change its delivery charges because of higher gas prices. “We look at our deliver prices every couple of years to see if we need to make adjustments. When gas prices go up we absorb the costs.”

To keep a watch on fluctuating gas prices you can check out the latest AAA trends at http://www.sd.aaa.com/news/fuel