Police in Sioux Falls say more than a dozen vehicle owners in the southwest area of the city have been victimized by someone who is drilling holes in gas tanks and draining the fuel.

Police say the crooks are targeting sport utility vehicles in apartment parking lots, and while we don't own an SUV and we don't live in an apartment, I'd be really angry if someone drilled my fuel tank and drained it.

There has been some speculation that the bad guys are targeting SUVs because they sit higher and it's easier to get underneath.

This apparently is what gas theft has come to, since you can't siphon it out using a length of rubber hose anymore.

Police had seven reports in January and a half-dozen more cases that are believed to have occurred the night of February 11th or the morning of the 12th.

Police say the best thing that can be done, since apartment complexes don't generally have surveillance cameras, is to keep your eyes open.

And for heaven's sake, if you see someone sliding under an SUV, call police.