Okay, I might have creeped you out a while back when I wrote about germs that could be on your office coffee cup. You know, the one you've been meaning to wash.

Well, I saw a story today about germs on cellphones. Right--the cellphone you keep with you all the time, even in the bathroom (you know who you are). You might cough or sneeze while you're talking, but it's just a minor interruption and you keep on talking. Or you let the kids play with it.

The story came from a television station in Alabama, but the conditions are probably universal, and one of the big concerns involves bacteria that can wreak havoc with skin.

But the good news is that while a cellphone can carry the bacteria that cause strep, staph and other things, experts say the germs occur naturally in our environment and they're not reason enough to be afraid of your phone.

I'll admit that I'm not really one to talk here anyway, not because I keep my cellphone clean and minty-fresh. It's just that I don't use it much. I keep it for emergencies and such, and I guess I'm of the age where it's not an essential part of my daily life.

At least, not like my coffee cup.