According to Dr. Nathan Unruh, founder and leader of Envive Chiropractic in Sioux Falls, everyone "was with immense God-given potential." To help everyone live up to that gift, he has written the book Strike It: 9 Catalytic Principles to Ignite Your Potential, a recent #1 Bestseller on

And to make sure everyone has a chance to live up to that potential, he is giving away free copies of the book. To receive your free copy, simply stop by Envive Chiropractic at 412 S 1st Ave, Sioux Falls. Copies are available now through Monday, March 23, 2015.

Dr. Unruh says, "You've had this potential your entire life and it will never go away. This potential whispers to you through desires and dreams that stir in your heart. This potential, however, must be ignited and unleashed."

Strike It, his latest book, "offers instruction and insight on reaching your fullest human potential."

The book has gotten positive reviews from those who have read it.

Patrick Froehlich said:

As an avid reader of many different types of books from self-help topics to leadership, I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Unruh's book. It's a quick, but powerful read. He has masterfully taken the complex laws and principles of success, simplified their meaning, and has made them easier to apply into your life. The short, but concise, explanations of these principles (which are usually drawn out for many chapters by other authors just to fill space) provides clarity to the reader and is actually a pleasure to read.

Added Chad Ryan Nekl:

This book illustrates the key principles that when combined can ignite a change in yourself and others around you. The catalytic principles are all attainable by each of us and by consciously applying them to our daily lives change is made. There is a unique balance within the principles that allows anyone to apply it daily without having to complicate your life. Yet resulting in a new exciting unknown potential we were all born with.

So don't miss out, pick up your free copy today, or order it online. Directions are below, or call (605) 336-1188 for more information.