A California high school cheerleading coach encouraged the members of her squad to physically fight each other to resolve their differences, so, they did, more or less proving 'Fight Club' was a much better movie than 'Bring It On!'

Coach 'Tina' (no last name given) at Palisades Charter High School in Los Angeles was suspended after school officials were notified that she was encouraging cheerleaders to fight over boyfriends and other matters.

Junior cheerleader Cimone Holloway told the TV station that the coach urged the girls on the team to settle their differences 'physically' and also made them 'pinky swear' that they wouldn't tell anyone else about it. Just like ' Fight Club!'

The first rule of being a cheerleading coach is not to turn the squad into a mixed martial arts club. Other responsibilities include reminding all the girls to wear underwear, making sure they're spelling the team's nickname correctly and teaching them to catch anyone they toss in the air. Urging them to beat each other silly? That's D-U-M-B…DUMB!