This is a billboard on 12th St. and Grange here in Sioux Falls.  And if you have a strong hankerin' to NOT believe in something, well, here ya go.

It seems to me that when a group usually forms it's a gathering of people who get together because of a common interest. Not what they 'don't' believe in.

For example you have your "South Dakota Pork Producers", "Cat Lovers Meet Up Group", "Duck Dynasty Fan Club", etc.

Atheist folks must feel so strongly about what they 'don't believe in' that they spend large amounts of money on billboards and advertising to get the word out that everyone else can not believe in stuff too.

It's a very interesting premise on which to organize a gathering. What do they serve for snacks?

I wonder if anyone would be interested in joining a group founded on things that I don't believe in, like the :

  • I don't believe in mowing my lawn if I can wait long enough for my wife to do it group
  • I don't believe in serving Zucchini to me when I'm a guest at your dinner party group
  • I don't believe that people who drive slow in the left lane should be allowed to stay in America group

Would you join these groups?  Just let me know and we can set up a meeting time!