Unfortunately for Canes football, the path to success is no longer paved with gold as the University of Miami fired head coach Al Golden the day after a 58-0 loss to the Clemson Tigers.

Al Golden unfortunately joins Randy Shannon and Jeff Stoutland and the last three Hurricanes coaches who just couldn't bring Miami back to the promise land. Following a 4-3 start the 58-0 loss to Clemson seemed to be the last straw for Golden. After taking the reigns as the head football coach for the Miami Hurricanes in 2011 after taking Temple to a 8-4 record, Golden ends his tenure at Miami with a 28-22 record, 16-16 in ACC play, and a disappointing 0-2 bowl game record.

While Golden did revamp a mangled Temple football program the magic just couldn't transfer to the big stage, getting washed away as a Hurricane. It was a daunting task for any coach to undertake and as hard as Golden tried to overcome it all, it was just not meant to be. With all that said, we should all remember that Golden isn't that far removed from a 2013 Lombardi Award for Excellence in Coaching leading the Canes to their first nine game winning season since 2009. On the flip side of that coin we should also remember that Golden couldn't build off of the early success which ended up in his termination.

Normally, head coach firings during the season are far from usual. Then again, the Miami Hurricanes are far from a usual football program. For those who are under the age of 15 believe it or not, the Hurricanes used to be what we might call a dynasty. Year in and year out the Miami Hurricanes where the perennial powerhouse team no other teams could beat. The Hurricanes were the top echelon of college football, churning out hall of fame coaches like Jimmy Johnson and hall of fame wide receivers like Michel Irvin. When a team of that caliber goes 14 years without a championship, it's not so unusual for a mid-season firing.

So for now the Hurricanes will look to restore their image back to the dynasty era with interim head coach Larry Scott in a season of uncertianty.